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Trends we love

What do we buy?

What are we looking for? Here are some key trends and pieces that our BIVIO buyers would love to see come through our shops 😉


Styles: slip dresses, kimonos, bustier, bondage, pajamas, chemisier, slippers
Fabrics: satin, tulle, cotton, silk, leather, feathers


Styles: big belts, mini bags, mini skirts, 90s blazers, baggy, low-waistline, “going out” tops, fitted tops/ loose bottoms, logos, pointy toes
Fabrics: leather, denim, nylon, sheer/transparent, technical


Styles: Victorian, “hippie”, embroidery, tie-dye /batik, patchwork, vests/ gilet country/cowboy, safari, ballerine
Fabrics: crochet/macramé, cotton, denim, silk, straw, linen


Styles: workwear, men’s tailoring, military, “trekking”,  parachute pants/skirts, coulisse, cargo,  nautical, combat boots, baseball caps,
Fabrics: cotton, nylon, canvas, leather, twill, denim, waterproof, lightweight wool


Styles: wow pieces, maxi skits, bright colors, silk shirts, prints, animalier, feathers & beads, plateau heels
Fabrics: satin, silk, lurex, sequins,  leather, suede, metallic


Categories: sunglasses, hats, belts, shoes, bags & foulards…anything needed for styling unique and creative outfits!

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