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BIVIO buys its merchandise directly from its clients — private individuals who come into our stores to sell the clothes and accessories that they no longer wear, or that they’ve never worn at all. 

Our formula 

With its unique “resale” formula, BIVIO acquires its inventory from private sellers, who book appointments to bring in their seasonally-appropriate BIVIO’s buyers select and price  the items pieces we are interested in. Once the total price of all the items are added up, we offer to pay – immediately – one third of the value in cash, or one half of the value in store credit, valid for one year in all of our locations.

*NB: 10% of VAT will be added

cash store

*for amounts over € 150, payment may be done by check or bank transfer

Our criteria

BIVIO buys and sells quality, “pre-owned” clothing and accessories, for men and women, that are in season and in style. Because we pay in advance, we are quite selective as to what we buy, choosing only what we believe BIVIO shoppers are looking for. 

The 4 Key Questions you should ask before coming in to sell

Is it in season?

We always buy for the current season, with a bit of a head start on the calendar. Ask yourself: can this be worn in the next 6 weeks? In other words, no linen in October and no wool in June.

Is it in great condition?

Check your items carefully, because our buyers will! We cannot buy pieces with rips, stains, holes, missing buttons, broken zippers, worn-out soles or unpleasant odors.

Is it currently in style?

BIVIO loves vintage, but we specialize in contemporary fashion. We look for colors, fabrics and silhouettes that reflect what is trending today.

Is it from a Fast Fashion label?

We know that low-cost fashion is very popular, but there isn’t much demand for fast-fashion in the second-hand market, so we discourage you from bringing it in.

Some categories that we never (or rarely) buy:

Athletic Gear
Bathing Suits
In order to sell at BIVIO, we ask you make an appointment online

~ Online appointments for A/I are now full (except for men’s store) ~

* Our A/I Buying Campaign runs from September to December *

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